Animal in My Garage - How to Get it Out

Wild animals can invade your Little Rock garage due to multiple reasons. Some of them are seeking shelter from the unforgiving weather. There are also others who are searching for food and water. In most cases, these animals are unwanted inside our property which includes our garage. Pay attention to the tips that we will mention below to successfully get rid of them.

Step-by-Step Guide on Removing the Animals in My Garage
It is not that uncommon that we encounter animals living in our garage. While some of them do not necessarily cause direct harm, this can still be an alarming situation since their indirect harm can be alarming. Follow this guide to make sure that your garage is free from any wild animal infestation.

Step#1: Observe
The first thing that you need to do is to observe the structure of your garage and look for the possible openings. The animals are highly likely using this to access your Arkansas garage. A small gap on your garage door should be immediately fixed. If there are holes, write them on your note and we will get back to them later. Uncovered windows and vents can also be a possible entry points.

Step #2: Sealing
After you have written all the possible entry points in your garage, it is time to cover them one by one. Start with the large openings. You can use a plank of wood or board when covering them. Drill a screw in order to attach the boards on the large opening. For the smaller openings, you can cover them using expanding foam. Allow the foam to dry and then cut the excess foam using a scissor or a utility knife.

Step#3: Set up Traps
After you cover all the possible entry points, it is now the perfect time to catch them. Carefully think about the bait that you will use. The efficacy of your trap will largely depend on the bait. The trap should be strategically positioned inside the garage. Do not place it too close to their nesting ground. You may put it close to their path. Be sure to ask your wildlife animal agency to guarantee that the trap that you will use is allowed in your area.

Step #5: Lure Them
There are certain types of Little Rock animals that you have to lure outside. Animals such as skunks will release their stinky spray the moment you get close to them. If you don’t have the experience, trapping can agitate them. It might be better for them to leave your garage on their own accord.

Finally, dealing with different types of animals requires an extensive knowledge and experience. An expert animal removal company is armed with the skills and equipments that allow them to immediately extract the wild animal from your garage. Regardless if it is something as docile as an opossum or as dangerous as the snake, they would be able to remove it at once and minimize the possible damages and dangers.

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