We stand Behind our Work

At Little Rock Animal Attic we guarantee both our work and our products. We want you to be happy with our wildlife removal services. We been around since 2007 because we consistently deliver quality work. Our guarantee is that we will always make any error right. Our standard repair warranty against new animal into your house through our repairs is 1 year. That said, most of our repairs will last for the life of your home against new critter entry. We also provide full written work order estimates before beginning any work. Call us at 501-514-9874 for more details about our guarantee.

Our company has more than ten years of experience handling a full range of wildlife problems. This means that we have seen and dealt with every situation, including those that are less common. That experience translates into prompt and efficient service. Throughout all of our interactions, we pride ourselves on treating customers the same way we would want others to treat us. This means that we always ensure our interactions are filled with respect and pride. That prompt and respectful service applies all day long, every single day of the year. We know that wild animals will not take a day off so we don’t either – we work seven days every week. Since animal emergencies can happen at any time of the day, we will answer the phone 24/7, always answering with politeness and ready to answer your questions. When you call us up, we always pay attention to your explanation of your wildlife concern, asking clarification questions when necessary. Based on your problem, we will describe our recommended methods to you so you can make a decision. We will also gladly give you a free estimate over the phone before you decide to hire us. You don’t even need to plan on hiring us to call – we will gladly give you some free advice in hopes that you keep us in mind for future issues.