The Natural Predators of Armadillos

When you look at the tough exterior armor of the Little Rock armadillo, you might think that they will be completely safe from the harm of the predators that are naturally attacking them. Unfortunately, the toughness of their carapace can only help them avoid scratches that they may acquire from their burrowing lifestyle. You will notice how agile they move despite of their armor which means that they are not using this as their primary defense.

What Animals Eat Armadillos?
A number of animals in the wild will love the taste of the armadillo. Perhaps one of their biggest enemies would be the coyotes. Usually, when in the face of the enemy, the armadillo will remain motionless and hope that the predator will leave them alone. In case it is not effective, they will run and look for the best place to hide.

The coyotes will eat armadillo but they will often feast on the victim of the road kill rather than hunting for the live ones. There are some armadillos that will roll to form a ball in order to keep their inner organs protected against the teeth of these predators. However, it will not often work and the teeth of the predators can work like a can opener. Coyotes will hunt in large number that makes these defenseless creatures vulnerable against their attacks.

The bobcats will have a range of animals to eat such as rodents, chickens, feral cats, and wild birds. In case your pet is left out in the open, they can also be attacked by the bobcats. Some of the manufacturers of the repellents believe that the scent of the bobcat’s urine can repel the creatures. It will disturb the senses of the armadillo and will encourage it to look for a safer place to establish their burrows. However, due to the limited available studies about repellents, we cannot guarantee the efficacy of using them.

Wolves just like the Arkansas coyote will hunt in pack that allows them to attack larger animals. Nonetheless, they will also eat smaller Little Rock animals such as the armadillo. You might notice how some of the commercially-available repellents have been manufactured with the use of the wolf urine. Just like the use of the bobcat’s urine on these deterrents, the efficacy or wolf’s urine against armadillo infestation is unknown.

With their piercing eyes and sharp talons, the armadillos do not have any chance of escaping their attack. Their claws can smash the tough skin of the armadillos and their beaks can act like a scalpel that will open them. Some people use decoys in their house to deter the infestation but the armadillos are smart creatures and it will only take a few days before they finally understand that your decoy is not a threat to their existence.

Armadillos are passive creatures and will often choose to retreat to their burrows rather than to confront the dangers. This is why they will often be the victim of the attack of the predator.

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