What Smells Repel Deer?

When feeding, most Arkansas deer will rely on their olfactory senses. The deer may look innocent but once it invades our property, it can cause considerable damage to our crops. Perhaps the best method to repel the attack of the deer would be fencing. However, if you are looking for a more convenient way to deter their activities the repellents may be a good option. Though they don’t presents a long-term solution, the scent that they release can be effective in warding off these nuisance creatures.

Types of Smell That Can Deter Deer
Deterrents are easy to use, convenient and affordable. Most Little Rock gardeners who want to keep the dangers of deer at bay would often use this as their first-line of defense. This method releases a scent that can offend their sense of taste and smell. It also requires numerous applications especially during the rainy season.

Smelly Soap
Homeowners who have a deer invasion problem would often hang smelly soap in their garden. The soap that contains the strongest scent would provide the better result. The scent of the soap will penetrate the bark and stem of the plant that may attract some rodents. When looking for smelly soap, avoid choosing a soap that contains coconut oil since it can possibly attract deer.

Scent of Human Hair
All wildlife creatures tend to avoid places with signs of human activities. Place some strands of human hair inside a cheesecloth or nylon. Visit your local hair salon and ask them for a few strands of hair. The scent of the hair will lose its potency after a few weeks so make sure to replace them constantly. The deer that live in the urban areas may be accustomed to the human activities and may not be driven away by the scent of human hair.

There are wide selections of homemade and commercial repellents that can help us drive away Little Rock deer. It is recommended to add surfactant to this repellent to reduce the required amount of reapplication. The scent will not easily dissipate even during a heavy rain. It will also not evaporate that fast when exposed to the hot environment. Unfortunately, the smell of this product can also be offensive to humans. Some scent of the repellent includes rotten eggs and garlic. There are also repellent that use fish products and ammonia as their base ingredient. There are commercially-available repellents that are made from the waste of slaughterhouse. This may not necessarily irritate their senses but it can frighten them.

Predator Urine
Perhaps the most frightening scent for the deer would be the scent of their predator’s urine. This creature will be afraid if they smell the scent of the coyotes and wolves. They are also scared of exotic creatures like tigers and lions. Soak a piece of cloth in the liquid solution and then place it inside a plastic bag then hang it in your garden.

Most deer will be scared when they encounter something that they are not familiar with. However, they also have the impressive ability to adapt on these changes. Make sure to try different types of smells that can repel them.

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