An Overview on the Territory of the Squirrel

The squirrels are adaptable creatures that enable them to survive in different regions all over the world such as Asia, Europe, and America. There are different species of squirrels and some of them are considered threatened or endangered. Perhaps the most common variety would be the ground squirrel, grey squirrel, and the red squirrels. When the winter comes, their activities will be greatly reduced; however, they will not go through hibernation period.

Squirrels are Highly Territorial Creatures
When in the forest, you will normally hear the chattering sound of the Little Rock squirrels. They are territorial and vocal creatures and will even be noisier during the mating season and their breeding will happen 2 times annually. There are squirrels that will claim a territory that can extend up to 10 hectares. Due to the number of squirrels on a certain community, there is a high chance that their territory will overlap. The squirrels just like the other wild creatures will have a unique way in marking their territory.

Territory Marking
The Arkansas squirrels will do the territory marking by using their urine. With their urine, they can immediately warn the other creatures to avoid their territory. Apart from this, they will also wave their tails. When there is an intruder that is passing on their territory, they will create unique calls. They will bark even to a human or a large animal that is invading their territory.

Most species of squirrel will live with a large colony except for the grey squirrels. The grey squirrel will also have a unique way to mark their territory. They have a special sweat gland close to their mouth. They will rub their sweat glands on places that they want to mark. When two grey squirrels met, they will usually smell the sweat gland of each other. This will appear like they are kissing and hugging each other.

Another way that they can mark their territory is through visual means. They will chew vertical stripe on the tree that looks dominating. In case another Little Rock squirrel will pass on this tree, they will stop by and smell the marking to determine who owns the territory. This visual mark will be maintained for a very long time and by the future generations.

When there are too many squirrels in the territory, this means that they can compete for the available resources. Sometimes, the competition of collecting acorns and occupying tree cavities will become too intense. The competition can lead to the development of a complex body language and communication. While staying alert on the competition, they also have to look out on the other creatures that prey on them.

Due to the loss of their habitat because of the human activities, there will usually be a competition in claiming territories and gathering resources. Wildfires, urbanization, and the growth of foreign plants affect the population growth of the squirrel. The squirrels will have a range of threat but their main enemy would be human competition.

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